Spring 2024

We enjoyed putting on some great hikes and events for the public last fall.  In a new hike, we watched USFWS Biologists perform their duties and research at the Screw Trap that captures or monitors juvenile salmon near our beach.  This spring, we will visit another Screw Trap location further downstream, closer to the China Garden trailhead.

Mother Nature has given us a huge gift in the way of rain this year.  We are thrilled to host a special hike this spring to view not one, but two waterfalls on side streams flowing into Clear Creek on the Cloverdale property.  Don’t miss this opportunity!  This will be our first hike on Saturday, April 6. 

Another new hike this spring highlights the Western Shasta Resource Conservation District. They have received a grant that allows them to do some work for us on the preserve.  They will talk about the RCD and the work they are doing to reintroduce pollinator plants.  Other projects include putting up bird boxes, reducing invasive non-native plants, and more.

We have been looking for a historical photograph of the gold mining community of Horsetown for decades.  Joe Molter has discovered a photograph.  On May 18, we will visit the Horsetown amphitheater and walk to the historical monument east of the Clear Creek Bridge, where we will learn about the site of the photograph. Both Joe and Trudy are very knowledgeable about the history of this site and the mining community of Horsetown. Joe has a very interesting story about the photograph he discovered.

Come out and enjoy a hike with us at Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve this spring.  All of our events are free to the public, and the preserve is open to the public during daylight hours.  If you enjoy the preserve and our events and/or appreciate the work we do, please consider volunteering with us, visiting a board meeting, or making a tax-deductible donation to Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve.  You can donate from our website via PayPal and Thrivent Choice or mail a check to our PO Box as shown below.  Your generous donations of time and money are the strength behind our advocacy. Our primary support comes from individual contributions.