Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve At Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve we have been busy getting and keeping trails clear and making improvements on our western trails that were damaged in the Creek Fire. A grant from the Strong Foundation for Environmental Values allowed us to bring the California Conservation Corps (CCC) in to help with this trail work. These young people work hard in our community and gain valuable job training doing so. More great news – We are very fortunate to have been selected by The McConnell Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of the North State to receive a grant. It will allow us to install a new solid concrete pit toilet which is handicap accessible. It will also provide new picnic tables and benches at our amphitheater/ picnic / outdoor classroom area. More tables and benches will be placed on different trails for your enjoyment. And more great news: We received a grant from the Harry Daniell Fund of the Community Foundation of the North State. Dr. Daniell was a friend of Horsetown from its beginning – more than 30 years ago. We are very grateful to receive this wonderful gift and considering best ways to utilize it. We’ve been approved to participate in North State Giving Tuesday again this year. The date will be November 28 (the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving), from 6 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The minimum donation is only $10, all donations are tax deductible and can be made by debit card, credit card or echecks. Donors don’t need to create an account, just find our profile on Early giving starts November 14. We can see that the trails along Clear Creek are getting a lot of use – we’re glad you’re enjoying them. We’ve designed new trail markers which will be complete soon and set this fall. They will direct you to newer trails on the west side and insure you know where the trail is that takes you to the overlook above the creek. We will forego leading hikes and interpretive events one more season – due to unhealthy air quality and the increase in covid cases locally. When the air quality is acceptable for you and your family or friends, remember the Preserve is open so you can enjoy some time in nature. Bring a lunch, enjoy a picnic and a walk, spend some time on the beach. Our Board with volunteers will do an Adopt-A-Highway clean up this fall and we will participate with the Bureau of Land Management for National Public Lands Day in the Lower Clear Creak Greenway. Although the Salmon Festival will occur at Coleman Fish Hatchery it will not include vendors like Horsetown.

What is Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve?

Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve (HCCP) is a 27 acre recreation area which strives to retain, preserve, restore, and if possible, augment the publicly-owned lands surrounding Clear Creek in the vicinity of Saeltzer Dam (now removed) and the site of old Horsetown and to manage them as a natural preserve for the public. It is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization.

Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve Receives BLM Award

We are so excited to have received the national "Making a Difference" award from the Bureau of Land Management this spring. Our local BLM office showed their appreciation for our contributions in the Lower Clear Creek Greenway by nominating us. The BLM national office in Washington D.C. honored us as one of seven recipients of this award nationwide! We hope you find it gratifying to support Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve! To see the National Presentation video, click on the YouTube icon: 

Getting to HCCP

Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve is located in Shasta County, California, just west of the City of Redding. The Preserve is in the middle of BLM’s Clear Creek Greenway on Clear Creek Road, seven miles west of highway 273 and just west of the Clear Creek Bridge. For a Google map to the Preserve click here. GPS coordinates: Elevation: 622 feet Latitude: 40°29.656’ N Longitude: 122°29.890’ W


to promote nature-related education by serving as an outdoor classroom and open-air learning center where children can explore the natural sciences and learn the value of stewardship and resource responsibility; to provide walking trails and opportunities for quiet, low-impact, nature-related recreation including hiking, wildlife observation, photography, fishing, bicycling, picnicking, horseback riding, nature study, jogging, etc.; to help restore and protect the anadromous fishery in Clear Creek; to preserve, study, and interpret local history; to protect and restore habitat, including soils, native vegetation and fauna; to provide access to nature for handicapped and disabled; The above goals are mutually compatible and supportive and are gentle, even restorative, to the land. They represent multiple use, serve a large cross section of the public, and offer an opportunity for intimate involvement of the citizens, and effective government/private partnerships. The Preserve has involved, and shall continue to involve, countless organizations, agencies, educators, experts, volunteers, and interested people in pursuing the above goals with maximum dedication and at minimum cost.

Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve Board of Directors

Cathy Scott   - President Michelle Maupin-Cornelius - Treasurer Lisa Ross - Secretary Don Neptune  - Board Member Ray Pfister   - Board Member Chris Pearson  - Board Member Justin Clark   - Board Member

Downloadable Trail Maps - in pdf format

Map of the HCCP Preserve: Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve  217 kB BLM Maps: Clear Creek Cloverdale Section  294 kB Clear Creek Greenway  1062 kB Visit Redding Map: Visit Redding Trails Map  1450 kB For more information on Clear Creek and other local recreational trail areas, see our Links web page.

News concerning the Clover fire in September, 2013

Please see our News and Notes web page for information on the fire’s impact on HCCP. Please see our Donate and Volunteer and Coming Events web pages to join the cleanup effort.

Donate to the Preserve or Volunteer to Help

Please go to our Donate/Volunteer web page to find out how you can help support HCCP through donations and volunteer work.


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