News and Notes


If you would like to be added to our mailing list and receive our newsletter along with our event calendar by email (and help save a tree), please send us a note with your email address to: To download the latest newsletter for Spring, 2019click here (pdf file, 53 kB). March, 2019 We are excited to tell you we’re resuming our hikes and interpretive events! See our spring events listed on the back. Last fall we cleared and repaired trails along the creek and going up the hill to the overlook that were damaged in the Creek Fire or by fire suppression efforts last summer. For the first time we did not schedule hikes last fall. The two loop trails in the western portion of the Preserve burned last summer and in the Clover Fire in 2013 need more extensive work. In that area, the Kosko bridge (a small wooden foot bridge) was destroyed by the fire last summer and a section of the loop trail near that bridge was lost in a landslide in the snow storm last month. We are currently clearing the trails once more along the creek and going to the overlook clearing recent storm damage. We will continue to monitor those trails to keep them accessible. If you would like to help with trail work and repair some morning this spring or in the fall please let us know. Your assistance would be welcomed! We have a small group of volunteers that do trail work and another small group who participate in our Adopt-A-Highway cleanups. We typically work during the morning hours. Public donations of time and money allow us to maintain the Preserve and provide entertaining and educational hikes and events for all to enjoy. Please consider a donation for 2019 through PayPal OR Thrivent Choice from our website or mail a check (see addresses above). All donations are very much appreciated! HCCP Board of Directors Cathy Scott, President