News and Notes


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September 2017

We enjoyed new faces and longtime friends at our hikes and interpretive events this spring.  It’s always encouraging to see good turnouts and to hear from our visitors that they enjoyed the hike or that they appreciate what we do as a non-profit.  It’s just about time to start our fall events and we are looking forward to cooler weather.  Come out and join us for a couple of hours.  Bring family and friends and learn about our history and our riparian and oak woodland habitats.  A little sunshine and moderate exercise will enrich the experience. Last spring we acquired two pair of close range binoculars for viewing butterflies.  They were a great addition to our butterfly hike.  If you haven’t seen a butterfly under that magnification you are in for a real treat at our next hike.  We enjoyed hosting a nature related field trip for a number of elementary school students with a local home school group.  We acquired nets to capture aquatic insects and magnifying boxes to view them in.  The students enjoyed learning about aquatic insects and what they tell us about the health of a stream after they collected them.   Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve volunteers maintain the trails on the Preserve to provide opportunities for the public to enjoy some time in nature.  We also participate through the County’s Adopt-A-Highway program by picking up trash along a stretch of Clear Creek Road three times a year - in March, June, and September.  Let us know if you would like to be involved in one or both of these worthwhile tasks. Individuals like you keep the Preserve going through tax deductible contributions.  Consider making a donation for 2017 by going to our website or mail it in the attached return envelope.  Your donations are very much appreciated.  We look forward to seeing you at one of our fall events!  Children are always welcome and all events are free.