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News and Notes Newsletter If you would like to be added to our mailing list and receive our newsletter along with our event calendar by email (and help save a tree), please send us a note with your email address to: Horsetownhccp@gmail.com. To download the latest newsletter for Spring, 2017 click here (pdf file, 145 kB). Notes from the Board, Fall, 2016 This year marks the 25th anniversary of our acquisition of 27 acres on Clear Creek. Twenty-five years ago we received a lot of interest in growing our dream from individuals wanting to serve on our Board of Directors and many small donations to help accomplish our goals. Your donations, ideas and time keep our mission of nature-related education and recreation moving forward. We are a 501(c)3 whose donations from the public are tax deductible and we are required to have a board of directors to conduct our business. Please consider contributing to this cause. On April 14 the majority of our board of directors participated in the first meeting in which Redding BLM collected information for their new Resource Management Plan. Protection and restoration of public lands and the salmon fishery on lower Clear Creek is an important part of our Mission. Your support lends credence to our advocacy on Lower Clear Creek. This fall we will continue with what has been a large undertaking to reclaim and maintain the Preserve trails affected by the Clover Fire in 2013. This has been an ongoing challenge, and an area where we could really use some help. On September 24, 2016 we will coordinate with BLM for National Public Lands Day with a Clear Creek Greenway cleanup. Preserve volunteers can participate with this trail maintenance and enjoy lunch afterward. Notes from the Board, Spring, 2016 This year will mark the 25th anniversary of our acquisition of 27 acres on Clear Creek on which to grow a dream called Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve! We want to extend a special thank you to so many who have been supporting this vision for a quarter century now – your donations, ideas and use of the Preserve keep our mission of nature-related education and recreation moving forward. We also want to thank our newest supporters who will carry Horsetown to its 50th anniversary. Protection and restoration of public lands and the salmon fishery on lower Clear Creek is also an important part of our Mission. Our first objective, even before obtaining the land in the Preserve or our 501(c)3 designation, was advocating these goals when the Bureau of Land Management was taking public comment to develop a Resource Management Plan that included the lower Clear Creek corridor in the late 1980’s. BLM will begin the process of revising that plan as early as this fall. Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve will be a stakeholder advocating protection and restoration with nature-related education and recreation because you, the Public, have supported us. We welcome your questions, input and involvement in this very important process. Last fall we had the good fortune to be selected by Outward Bound’s Service Bus crew as a service project. In November six young adults traveling through California stopped in Redding to give us an assist on the Preserve. During a two day work party this energized group helped us build two benches and install several seats along our trails. We also reinforced riprapping by the Pioneer Bridge just in time for the winter storms we have been enjoying. Our gate received a fresh coat of paint for welcoming all who visit in this 25th year. We thank Outward Bound for their time, energy and infectious enthusiasm and our friends at Thrivent Financial for the gift of materials and the preparation of great food to fuel this weekend project! November also marked the rebuilding of the Kosko Bridge that was lost in the Clover Fire. All improvements lost in that 2013 fire are now back! Notes from the Board, Fall, 2015 We have an amazing opportunity at hand to utilize lesson plans that meet state science standards by grade, developed by Spring River Foundation of Cassel, to facilitate lessons in nature at the Preserve. We plan to start with the younger grades and build from there. Do you know a 1st or 2nd grade teacher who would like to bring their students to the Preserve on a field trip? If so, we would love to hear from them! Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve is excited to have been nominated and enrolled as a participating organization in Thrivent Choice®, a charitable grant program of Thrivent Financial. By directing Choice Dollars®, eligible Thrivent members can recommend which enrolled nonprofit organizations they feel should receive charitable grant funding from Thrivent. Learn more about this not-for-profit organization at www.Thrivent.com/thriventchoice. Notes from the Board, Spring, 2015 We received a generous donation recently in memory of our founder, Dr. Gene Clark. This donation will be used to purchase materials needed to rebuild the second foot bridge that was lost in the Clover Fire. The trail to the overlook (looking down on Reading’s Bar from the cliff south of China Gulch Road) has been cleaned up and put back into use, although signs of the fire and firebreak are still evident. Notes from the Board, Fall, 2014 The opportunities for hiking and biking along Lower Clear Creek have grown tremendously since Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve came into existence. If you have not been out recently I encourage you to come and see for yourself. From the China Garden trailhead closer to Highway 273 to the Gorge and Salmon viewing platform, through the Preserve and up to the Cloverdale trailhead there are great views and opportunities to enjoy nature. Notes from the Board, Spring, 2014 On September 9, 2013 two arson fires were started on Cloverdale and Clear Creek Roads. The fires spread into the Preserve. The Clover Fire destroyed 68 homes in the area and burned approximately 2/3 of our Preserve property. Fire crews prevented it from reaching the creek or damaging our restroom, the amphitheater/picnic area or the kiosk. Unfortunately, two footbridges that service trails on the Preserve were damaged or destroyed. Our initial concern was erosion control. We placed several straw wattles along the slope where CalFire equipment established a fire break from Cloverdale Road and broadcast seed in that area. Volunteers repainted the metal framework for one of the footbridges, installed new decking, and repaired the approach at both sides. That bridge is now available for use. In July of 2013 we applied for a grant with the California Conservation Corps to help reduce fuels on the Preserve. Funding was secured in October and the CCC has done an amazing job clearing dead and downed trees with a sensitivity toward erosion control and habitat needs. This project should be complete by the time our spring events start. Notes from the Board, Fall, 2013 Last spring saw the completion of the last project funded by the $1.2 million grant from California River Parkways. It started with the “hillside shave” just west of our parking area some years ago. Then several miles of new trails, additional restroom facilities, benches and picnic tables were established on BLM property on Lower Clear Creek. The salmon viewing platform at the Gorge was built along with the fitness course and education about the native population, the discovery of gold and the impact on the salmon fishery as well as the reclamation story on Lower Clear Creek. Another $200,000 - $300,000 was donated by other agencies to make the Lower Clear Creek projects a cooperative effort of several agencies. It has been very gratifying to play a part in bringing these improvements to Lower Clear Creek for your enjoyment by our involvement with that grant application. Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve donated a bench in honor of Gary Matson which we located on the BLM trail between the Gorge and Honeybee. The location was a favorite spot of Gary’s because of the native plants near there. Gary was a founding member of HCCP whose enthusiasm for our goals on Lower Clear Creek was contagious. It was a delight to work with him. Notes from the Board, Spring, 2013 The construction zone established last fall in our parking area wrapped up in March, 2013. The pedestrian bridge is now attached to the vehicle bridge on Clear Creek Road. It was dedicated on June 20, 2013. A new trail leads to creek access on the west side of the bridge and continues under the bridge, connecting with the new trails off Cloverdale Road. A continuous trail from the Sacramento River to Trinity Lake will incorporate this new pedestrian crossing over Clear Creek sometime in the future. An anonymous donor has offered a reward of $500 for a photograph of Horsetown. If you have one, please contact Dottie Simth, the Shasta Historical Society or Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve. For more information see the Redding Record Searchlight article Travelin' in Time: Wanted: photo of Horsetown, reward offered. Notes from the Board, Fall, 2012 Dr. Gene Clark had a vision 24 years ago to support restoration along Lower Clear Creek and create opportunity for low impact, nature related education and recreation. In May Dr. Clark passed away. For those of you who knew Gene you understand our loss. We have received a number of donations in his memory and are discussing the best use of those funds to accomplish something meaningful in recognition of our founder. If you have any thoughts please share them. A continuous trail called the Shasta-Trinity Trail Connection Project is planned from the Sacramento River to Trinity Lake that will incorporate this new pedestrian crossing over Lower Clear Creek. The project is expected to be complete this year.
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