News and Notes


If you would like to be added to our mailing list and receive our newsletter along with our event calendar by email (and help save a tree), please send us a note with your email address to: To download the latest newsletter for Spring, 2021 click here (pdf file). March, 2021 Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve is open to the public!  During Covid-19 we have not hosted hikes and interpretive events and we have limited how many volunteers join us for different projects.  We will not lead hikes this spring, but we anticipate hosting fall events.  The Preserve has remained open and it’s a great place to bring your family or friends to enjoy some fresh air and time outdoors away from crowds.      Our Board of Directors has been removing fallen limbs/trees damaged by earlier fires and snowstorms to keep our trails open for the public.  We are in the process of reclaiming trails on the west side that were damaged during the Clover Fire in 2014, repaired and then damaged during the Creek Fire in 2018.  Grant funds we received from the Strong Foundation for Environmental Values last year are being used to mitigate fire damage.  We will replace a footbridge that was lost in the Clover Fire, and again in the Creek Fire with a 48” culvert which is fireproof that we will be able to walk over.  We are also replacing an old culvert on our main trail (an old pioneer road) that was damaged during the Clover and Creek Fires. Our Board has continued Adopt-a-Highway cleanups in a two mile stretch on Clear Creek Road near the Preserve.  We’ll do another one this spring.  Volunteers will be invited to help with that clean up in the fall. Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve participated in North State Giving Tuesday again in December 2020. In addition to donations, we received over $1,000 in prizes!  Check it out this year.  Of course, you can still donate at your convenience from our website via PayPal or Thrivent Choice, or mail a check to our P.O. Box as shown above if you appreciate the work we do. We hope to see you at a hike/event in the fall.  We’ve missed you! HCCP Board of Directors Cathy Scott, President