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August, 2022

Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve’s hikes and interpretive events were a big success last spring and we’re ready to do it again this fall. We hope to see you!

While you are visiting the Preserve, you’ll see our amphitheater has doubled in capacity and there is a new and improved concrete toilet facility nearby. There are additional picnic tables and benches at other locations along the trails as well. These improvements were all completed thanks to a grant from The McConnell Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of the North State.

We were also honored last year with a grant from the Harry Daniell Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of the North State. This grant allowed us to have the California Conservation Corps help our Board with fire prevention measures, cutting and stacking downed branches for small pile burns and completing much of that burning. Some piles remain for next burn season. In addition, we had a leaning grey pine removed near the amphitheater to prevent damage to benches and other trees when it fell. It also covered the concrete work around the toilet facility and miscellaneous supplies and expenses.

Our Board of Directors is interested in having some additional board members. We hold a two-hour meeting ten months of the year to take care of business. We maintain trails and clean up two miles of Clear Creek Road around the Preserve through Adopt-A-Highway, host spring and fall events, and contribute to the public’s opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreation and education. It is not a burdensome commitment to be involved with our board. Board members can volunteer for different things according to their interest and time schedule, but it’s not required. Board meetings to conduct business and make decisions for the Preserve are required as part of maintaining our 501(c) 3 non-profit.

If you enjoy the Preserve and our events and/or appreciate the work we do, please consider volunteering with us or make a tax-deductible donation to Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve. You can donate from our website via PayPal and Thrivent Choice; or mail a check to our P.O. Box as shown above. Your generous donations of time and money are the strength behind our advocacy. Our primary support is from individual contributions.

HCCP Board of Directors
Cathy Scott, President