Coming Events at HCCP - Fall, 2018

On June 24 the Creek Fire went through the same area of the Preserve as the Clover

Fire did in 2014.  It also reached closer to Clear Creek.  We are thankful that fire

suppression efforts prevented our riparian habitat, our Pioneer Bridge, amphitheater

and toilet from burning.  Because of the extent of the burned areas and the condition

of our trails after the fire fight we will not be leading hikes this fall.  We will be doing

clean up and trail work on the Preserve on National Public Lands Day and would really

appreciate your help.  We will also have a table at Coleman Fish Hatchery’s “Return of

the Salmon Festival” and would like to have you stop and say hello if you attend.  We

look forward to scheduling spring hikes for your enjoyment!

September 29 (Sat.) 9 a.m. - “NATIONAL PUBLIC LANDS DAY CLEAN UP”

The BLM and Horsetown Clear Creek Preserve are sponsoring a National Public Lands Day

along the Lower Clear Creek Greenway.  Volunteers are asked to help clean up and repair

damaged areas along the Greenway - including picking up trash, removing graffiti from rocks

and concrete, repairing hiking trails and broken signs, and invasive weed removal.  On the

Preserve we will be working on trails damaged in the Creek Fire.  Gloves and eye protection

will be provided.  Volunteers should meet at the HCCP trailhead on Clear Creek Rd by 9 a.m. 

A BBQ will follow the workday at 1 p.m. at the Horsetown amphitheater.  For more information

and to sign up, call BLM at 530 224-2100.


October 13 (Sat.) 9 a.m. – “ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY CLEANUP”

Volunteers will clean up a stretch of Clear Creek Road around the Preserve for 2 – 3 hours. 

We provide vests for visibility, tools to pick up small items and garbage bags.  Please bring

gloves.  Lunch/snacks on us afterwards . . . location to be determined.

October 20 (Sat.) 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. “RETURN OF THE SALMON FESTIVAL”

Join us at the Coleman National Fish Hatchery for a fun filled and educational day.  For more

information and directions visit

ALL events will meet at the HCCP parking area on Clear Creek Road, just west of the

Clear Creek Bridge.

Children are welcome at all of our events and all events are free of charge.

See our website home page for a trail map and coming events. Contact for more information. Also Like us on Facebook. An anonymous donor has offered a reward of $500 for a photograph of Horsetown. If you have one, please contact Dottie Simth, the Shasta Historical Society or Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve. For more information see the Redding Record Searchlight article Travelin' in Time: Wanted: photo of Horsetown, reward offered. Download an Event Schedule Current Coming Events (in pdf format) Fall, 2018 282 kB Past Event Calendars Spring, 2018 120 kB Fall, 2017 154 kB Spring, 2017 119 kB Fall, 2016 233 kB Spring, 2016 396 kB Fall, 2015 196 kB